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Louisiana Plating & Coatings (LP&C) is Louisiana's leading ‘one-stop’ provider of corrosion protection services by delivering consistently high quality and outstanding customer-focused service.

In mid-2013, LP&C began operations at its new 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Scott, Louisiana. The plant employs nearly 100 employees and provides area industries a range of corrosion protection services, including Electroless Nickel plating, Salt Bath Nitriding (QPQ), Phosphate, and a wide variety of spray coatings.

The LP&C plant offers clients:

  • A 12 ft, 3,300 gallon EN tank for larger parts
  • A dedicated QPQ line in a 13,750 sq ft facility
  • Three dedicated ovens and multiple spray booths 
in an 18,000 sq ft coating facility
  • A phosphate line large enough to handle a 20,000 lb part
  • Two 10-ton and two 5-ton cranes
• 10,000 sq ft for shipping and receiving 

LP&C's customers know and trust our commitment to get the job done right the first time… on schedule and on budget. Our recent expansion of facilities, services, and capabilities evidences our commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining suffficient capacity to be able to deliver the fastest turn-around for customer parts.

Expanding in Humble, TX to Meet Demand
In mid-2012, LP&C's parent company, HP&C, further expanded its Humble, TX plant – nearly doubling its size and capacities – to meet rapidly growing demand for coating services in North Houston. The Humble plant, originally opened in December of 2008, is located off Wilson Road, and now consists of six production buildings and an office building on five acres.                                           
The Humble production facilities include:

• A 10,000 sq. foot building for spray coatings and phosphate with two five-ton cranes.

• A 10,000 sq. foot building for spray coatings and phosphate with a 10-ton crane and
25-ton crane.

• Coatings buildings with spray booths, ovens, and a phosphate line large enough to handle a 50,000 lb part.

• A 10,000 sq. foot building for inspection, storage, shipping and receiving, and sales.

• A 10,000 sq. ft. building dedicated to phosphate coating.

• A 10,000 sq. ft. building dedicated to salt bath nitriding (QPQ).

The design of the production buildings assures an easy flow of parts so that customers can count on a quick work turnaround.

HP&C has been providing outstanding electroless nickel, spray coating, salt bath nitriding (QPQ) and other corrosion protection services to petroleum equipment and other manufacturers since 1988.

Additional Coating & Phosphate Services in Tyler, TX - Beginning in the 4th quarter of 2012, HP&C began offering spray coating and phosphate services in Tyler, TX. to provide quicker services to certain customers in North Texas, Oklahoma, and North Louisiana.

HP&C's growth over the past six years has been dramatic and is a direct result of its hard won reputation for quality and dedication to customer service. HP&C strives to meet or exceed customer expectations through innovative supply chain solutions and has received a number of awards from its customers for delivering consistently oustanding service.


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