Electroless Nickel (EN) plating is a chemically applied uniform protective coating that provides superior resistance to corrosion and friction which significantly increases the life of carbon and stainless steel parts.

EN plating provides a uniform deposit regardless of work piece contour and thus has distinct advantages when plating irregularly shaped objects or objects with holes, recesses, or internal surfaces. EN plating is commonly used in engineering coating applications to enhance the life of components exposed to severe conditions of service, such as valves or pump parts.  

LP&C has the largest tank capacity in the Southwest. Features within our plant that illustrate our expansive EN plating capabilities include:

  • 12' long, 3300 gallon Nickel Plating tank
  • 1200°F Furnace
  • EN-11' Vertical Parts
  • EN on aluminum
  • Five and ten ton lifting capacity overhead crane
  • 18 ton lifting capacity forklift

LP&C's processes produce the highest quality in EN plating services. Before performing electroless nickel plating, the part is cleaned in a series of alkaline and acid cleaners to remove any foreign contaminants from the surface. De-greasing removes oils from the surface; acid cleaning removes scaling as failure to remove unwanted oils and scales from the part's surface will result in poor plating. In certain instances, the parts will be sand blasted to insure plating exposure to base metal, which promotes the best adhesion possible.

After the plating process, plated materials are finished with an anti-oxidation or anti-tarnish chemical trisodium phosphate and pure water rinsing to prevent unwanted stains. The rinsing materials must then be completely dried off or sometimes baked off to obtain the full hardness of the plating film.

Electroless Nickel plating is unique in that it does not require any electrical power.  Instead, the process relies on the presence of a chemical reducing agent that reacts with the metal ions to deposit a uniform nickel coating on to a solid workpiece. 

The EN plating process can plate recesses and blind holes with stable thickness and is thus ideal when coating complexly shaped parts. Electroless Nickel deposits are often less porous and provide better corrosion protection for steel substrates, superior to that of electroplated nickel and hard chrome. 

LP&C and HP&C are widely recognized as the largest providers of high quality, high phosphorous electroless nickel plating services in the Southwest; serving customers from across the USA, Central America, and Canada.

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