Louisiana Plating & Coatings (LP&C) has been providing outstanding electroless nickel, spray coating, salt bath nitriding (QPQ), and other corrosion protection services to Louisiana's petroleum equipment and other manufacturers since 2012.

LP&C's success has been a direct result of its growing reputation for quality and dedication to customer service. LP&C strives to meet or exceed customer expectations through innovative solutions to finishing issues. Our customers know and trust our commitment to get their job done right the first time, on schedule and on budget. Our recent expansion of facilities, services, and capabilities evidences our commitment to continuous improvement.

To better serve our customers, we have recently expanded our nickel plating, spray coating, QPQ, and phosphating capacities and enhanced our capabilities:

• Electroless Nickel plating
  – 12’ 3300 gallon ENP tank; 5 and 10 ton crane capacity
• QPQ (Salt Bath Nitriding)
  – Two pots capable of processing parts as large as 38” diameter, 53” depth, and weighing up to two tons
• Phosphate & Spray Coatings
  – 12’ Zinc and Manganese tanks
  – Two 5 ton cranes
  – Multiple spray booths and ovens


With the addition of QPQ and additional coating and phosphate service lines, LP&C has become one of the few plating and coating specialty firms in the nation that offers a full range of corrosion and wear protection protection services.

These additions have enabled us to be even more responsive to our customers’ needs; but our physical plant and comprehensive services are only part of LP&C’s commitment to customer service. 


Satellite operations at OEM facilities, scheduled pick-up and delivery, streamlined procedures for tracking parts and processing purchase orders, invoices and other administrative tasks are a few of the unique ways LP&C can partner with its customers to reduce the points of friction, thereby achieving the highest efficiencies for processing our customers’ valuable parts. 


For additional information on our Electroless Nickel, QPQ, Phosphate or other coatings services, please contact your Louisiana Plating & Coatings sales representative at 357-264-6491 or 800-946-0172.






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